If you’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis and live in the UK, you may be entitled to a gluten free foods prescription.
This varies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so you will need to double check with your GP.

Our much loved high fibre white, brown and seeded breads are available on prescription, a great way to stock up as they come in a box of six and are perfectly sliced, ready for your favourite gut lovin’ sandwich fillings.

Genius Gluten Free Soft Brown Sandwich Bread
PIP CODE: 379-8550
UNIT SIZE: 6 x 535g

Genius Gluten Free Soft White Sandwich Bread
PIP CODE: 379-8568
UNIT SIZE: 6 x 535g

Genius Gluten Free Seeded Brown Farmhouse
PIP CODE: 403-8345
UNIT SIZE: 6 x 535g

More help with living gluten free

Finding out that you should no longer eat foods that contain gluten doesn’t mean giving up on your favourite meals. Our gut lovin’ range of fantastic products makes it easier than ever to continue to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet without cutting out the dishes you love. Not only are our entire range gluten free, they’re also packed with other great gut benefits.

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