Mid-morning munchies or afternoon cravings? In the Genius office we speak about food ALL DAY, if we’re not speaking about it, we’re thinking about it, we’re always peckish! From hunger to hanger, that’s when our minds may struggle and we’re most likely to make a mistake. Look after your gut and mind, take a look at our tips to help:

Sharing a toaster? It’s a good idea to use a toaster bag for your Genius bread, pittas, bagels, fruit loaf… you get the idea. These bags are a safe option to avoid contamination and you can grab  disposable or re-useable ones.

Hands off. Stick your name on your butter or any other condiments you have in the work fridge or label as ‘GLUTEN FREE’. Firstly, you don’t want anyone leaving crumbs in there but secondly, you reaaally don’t want anyone leaving gluten-containing crumbs.

Make sure you have some Genius treats in the office, so if cakes and treats are on offer you don’t feel left out. Our wonderfully oaty gluten-free breakfast bakes are a great choice to keep in your desk drawer or a gut lovin’ brioche toasted with your favourite hazelnut spread hits the sweet spot.

Preparation is key. The easiest way to have a delicious, gut friendly and gluten free lunch is to make it at home and bring it with you. A simple way to do this is by making a larger dinner or a batch of home cooked goodness that can be filled into a pitta or rolled in a wrap. And of course a jam-packed sandwich is always a winner!