Benefits of gluten free

Whether it's absolutely critical or prefer to for a happier tum, find out why going gluten free benefits you and your get-up-and-go.

Why go gluten free?

For people who have Coeliac Disease, the immune system attacks itself when it detects gluten. This causes damage to the lining of the gut and means the body can’t properly absorb nutrients from food. Even the tiniest amount of gluten could cause serious damage so a completely gluten free diet is vital which can be daunting for some. Others who have a gluten intolerance choose a gluten free diet or ease up on the amount of gluten they eat to reduce the symptoms of an unhappy gut. Saying farewell to stomach pains, bloating and feeling a little gassy from time to time is totally possible with a few simple changes to bin the gluten.

Health benefits of gluten free diet

For people with certain health conditions, a gluten free diet can have a huge benefit to their health. Others simply feel it works better for their bodies. Gluten does not provide any essential nutrients and that means it is not needed by our bodies. In fact, it can often be an irritant to the gut causing some horrible symptoms. These symptoms can range from tummy pain and bloating to diarrhoea or constipation and in some cases it can give the sensation of a “foggy brain” and headaches. Simply removing gluten from your diet could see these symptoms ease.

We are all different so depending on how gluten impacts your own body will determine the health benefits of a gluten free diet for you. Removing gluten completely from your diet may not be a necessity and you could have a much happier tum from simply reducing your gluten intake.

Is gluten free healthy for everyone?

Avoiding gluten does no harm, anyone can do it and for many people the changes it can bring makes them feel like dancing in the rain and jumping in muddy puddles! But like making any change in life you should take a little bit of time to make sure you are doing it right. When you reduce the number of gluten containing foods, you should ensure you are eating the right gluten free foods so you don’t lose out on important nutrients. With the right swaps, a gluten free diet can allow you to meet all your nutritional needs. In fact… if you swap a standard bread for a Genius loaf then you’ll get more fibre than before (fibre is one of the Gut’s true loves!).

Eating gluten free vs. whole wheat

It’s important for us all to have our gut working well and fibre is essential to keep things hunky dory. A potential reduction in fibre could come from cutting out whole wheat but that doesn’t have to be the case as there are loads of high fibre foods that will give you everything you need. It’s been a priority for us to ensure our range is both high in fibre and gluten free. The best of both worlds! For some easy bed time reading, have a look at our handy fibre facts here.