Poached eggs, spinach & pumpkin seeds on gluten free toast So many seeds. So much fibre. Poached eggs and spinach may be a delicious vintage pairing but on toasted Joy-Full Artisan Cob with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and dusting of paprika, you’ll get an iron and protein boost too. A brekkie to revive your gut health – not one you’ll want to skip!

Serves: 1

Prep: 5-10 minutes

Fibre per portion: 19g


2 chunky slices of Genius Joy-Full Artisan Loaf

2 eggs

2 handfuls of spinach

1 tbsp. pumpkin seeds – great for a crunch of fibre

½ tsp paprika


1. To ease you into the high fibre breakfast prep, start by cutting 2 chunky slices of the gut lovin’ cob and pop them in the toaster.

2. Crank the hob up to a high heat and poach the eggs in boiling water. You can give the water a stir to create a mini whirl pool. This helps the eggs form a pretty shape. Leave them bubbling for 4 minutes.

3. While the eggs are doing their thing and begin to turn white, wilt the spinach in a pan with 1 tbsp. of water for just 2 mins. Spinach is a leafy green laden with fibre and plenty vitamins too so if you fancy another handful, go for gold! Your gut will thank you for it.

4. When the spinach is ready, spoon it onto the toast. Top with your perfect poachies and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and paprika for a spicy kick before digging in.