Gluten-free school lunches don’t have to be a nightmare. Our top tips will show you that they are as easy as child’s play!

Kids will give you great ideas about what they’d like in their lunch box, mostly, exactly what their school friends are having! Helping out and getting excited about their gluten free school lunch = happy lunch box preparer.

We all know a sandwich is a winner in a packed lunch and our range of breads are just perfect for this. But then again so are our buns, rolls, and wraps! Have a look at our recipe section for some yummy ideal-for-lunch box ideas. When it’s cooler, for older children how about a flask of homemade soup and some delicious Genius bread to dip in?

Time is precious so what about last night’s leftovers for a quick and easy gluten-free packed lunch? This gets healthy, homemade fuel into the kids to keep them switched on and energized until home-time.

There’s no reason your child shouldn’t enjoy school meals with their friends. Speak to the Principal and ask if the catering staff can cleverly label dishes which don’t contain gluten, perhaps a fun symbol your child can easily recognize. Maybe a member of staff can keep a watchful eye over lunchtime choices if they are too young to make this decision themselves. Schools are used to dealing with allergies and will want to help out. Canteen employees would love if you could suggest some gluten free lunch ideas all the kids could enjoy!

Depending on the age of your child, and their confidence, you can always ask to arrange a “show and tell” type talk, where you/your child/teacher can help explain to the class what ‘gluten free’ means. Spreading awareness and educating class mates can be fun, maybe a prize for the best gluten free school snack idea? Every day is a school day!